Our Mission

We offer an iteratively developing, self-efficient system to go through the development from drop-out to drop-in to Rebel Talent. Through a tailor-made program, we offer you the space to get to know yourself and develop your talents.

A life full of learning starts with knowing yourself. How do you learn? What do you find important? How do you want to make impact? We take you by the hand for the first steps and give you the final push when you are ready to spread your wings.

We call our students rebel talent. We believe that in modern day society, self-knowledge, the acquisition of “soft” skills and the development of your talent is an act of rebellion. A rebellious step that our society needs more than she realizes.

We bundle all this talent to gradually develop an educational game. A system for and by young people who learn differently. ConnEQt sees a growing need for talented youth in Dutch innovation, and we believe that this untouched source of rebellious talent can help shape the future.

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